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The fame scandal: honorable recognition verses chasing the next wave.

Please forgive my melodramatic headings! What I am talking about today is the aim of being famous verses the aim of simply being the best at your art. By best I mean the most forward thinking, creative boundary pushing artist … Continue reading

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Creative exploration verses degenerate deception – Is there a distinction?

Deception verses creative exploration – is there a distinction? I love a good political play. Absolutely adore anything that gets my social conscience jumping. I love to read a book or walk out of play thinking … man this world … Continue reading

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How far do you go for creativity? Can it ever be too far?

For the past year I have been at the drawing board. Have closed myself off from uploading new material and taken timeout to observe.   Now I understand that being ‘in the know’, understanding and having and appreciation for the … Continue reading

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Big Brother, The Hunger Games and depraved minds.

Another season of Big Brother has started and to my amazement I found myself watching the programme…and getting involved. I mean I was discussing the contestants tactics and guessing who would leave next. I thought I had made my mind … Continue reading

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Writing is a battle.

I am in the process of editing my novella and found myself in a war against myself. Each time I open the file a new battle ensues. There have been several battles so now I believe the right term for … Continue reading

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Forcing myself to do things I don’t want to, but know I have to.

I am writing this blog post because I feel like I am losing steam with this whole blogging thing. I have that awful trait a lot of creative minds exhibit: starting a project with much hype and enthusiasm but never … Continue reading

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