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The fame scandal: honorable recognition verses chasing the next wave.

Please forgive my melodramatic headings! What I am talking about today is the aim of being famous verses the aim of simply being the best at your art. By best I mean the most forward thinking, creative boundary pushing artist … Continue reading

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Creative exploration verses degenerate deception – Is there a distinction?

Deception verses creative exploration – is there a distinction? I love a good political play. Absolutely adore anything that gets my social conscience jumping. I love to read a book or walk out of play thinking … man this world … Continue reading

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How far do you go for creativity? Can it ever be too far?

For the past year I have been at the drawing board. Have closed myself off from uploading new material and taken timeout to observe.   Now I understand that being ‘in the know’, understanding and having and appreciation for the … Continue reading

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The problem with the fashionable Afro

Those who know me will Know that I first relaxed my hair when I was 18. It was a short lived stint and my friends constantly made comments like ‘I prefer your ethnic look’. ‘Ethnic’ meaning braids (because that is … Continue reading

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My many layers and tones to writing.

I am in the process of writing me second book. My debut was a collection of poetry very much written for myself. I had to release it to reach a me I knew existed but was scared to show people. … Continue reading

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The Rise of African Fashion

I attended a very interesting talk today about the rise of African inspired fashion and African prints. The world is being introduced to the beauty and variety of African prints in an amazing way. The panel comprised African designers, an … Continue reading

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Amazing Quote.

We are the ones we have been waiting for – June Jordan. How our lives would change if we fully understood this.

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How do you decide what book to read?

I recently started visiting my local library a lot. I am at the library roughly 3 times a week and it never ceases to amaze me at how excited I get being around all the different books. Since a very … Continue reading

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My book trailer is here!! “The story behind ‘Finding Me’ – Nissi Mutale.”

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Mirror Monologues…cont: Morning Dance & My Truth

The morning dance: A long time ago I came to the realization that I could create and re – create myself each and every time I looked in the mirror. Ponytail, middle part, afro thrown back, which one do I … Continue reading

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