Dystopias: You do not know what you have until you lose it.

Firstly let me say how much I love dystopian fiction. I love that the worlds created take elements from our everyday lives and manipulate them to create a world we consider so horrendous. The sad thing is, given the ‘right’ sort of leader and advances in technology, these worlds are a very real possibility. The advances in science and our compliance with less and less privacy makes these totalitarian nightmares closer to reality than we could ever imagine. The more we advance in technology the less unrealistic these novels seem.

So what started my dystopian novel binge? Well…I read ‘The Hunger Games’ last week and it blew my mind! The way little children were being made to fight until the death was not so unlike these reality tv shows where we vote to keep people in the game. Ok…so the people voted off our reality shows do not die, but most of the times the characters and the lives they had before the shows are killed.

I am really tired and trying to type at the moment so I thought I would give you a little to think about and return to this post after a nap.

Nissi x

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