Writing is a battle.

I am in the process of editing my novella and found myself in a war against myself. Each time I open the file a new battle ensues. There have been several battles so now I believe the right term for this ongoing conflict is a war. There is the odd saying that in order to have peace you need to fight the war. I know exactly what that means now. It is funny because the more I write, the more I see how the actual process of writing reflects the conflicts and growing phases we find ourselves in within our own lives.

For example at first I saw my manuscript as my baby. I am not a parent yet but I have younger siblings and even helping to raise them has given me some heartache that should get me a noble peace prize! Helping a younger person grow takes a lot of patience, a readjusting of mindset, tact, trying to see things from their point of view and a whole load of wisdom and life experience. I find it is the same with a novel. You are trying to create a work that will take on a voice and life of its own. While you try and nurture it, you can find that your voice begins to strangle its life and need to step back. You want to tell it what to say but ultimately know that the most powerful mode of communicating is to show.

…So the fight begins: your words want to communicate in one way, and your mind is telling you needs to be said in another way. But how?

Writing is such a battle.


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16 Responses to Writing is a battle.

  1. Maggie says:

    Co-writing a novel gets even weirder because it’s like the novel is the child and the two writers are like the parents who have to figure out what’s best for the child. It’s interesting how that analogy goes.

  2. trixycae says:

    I’m also editing a couple of manuscripts at the moment and after a day of full time work (the real work that pays the bills at teh moment), it’s a challenge to get into editing at night. I feel guilty when I start to yawn at about midnight, like I am betraying my novels. Shock and horror!

  3. bvandergriff says:

    Awesome insight into the struggle that writing can be and often is. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. willofheart says:

    yes u said it well, sometimes it is harder because u want to give all of u’re best to the readers … and this is why it became more and more interesting…. 🙂

  5. I liked it when you said, “It is funny because the more I write, the more I see how the actual process of writing reflects the conflicts and growing phases we find ourselves in within our own lives.” That is so true. I can see so much of my own evolution in my writing that sometimes I worry that I’m showing too much of myself.

    The other thing that is slowing my rewrite now is that one of my characters, who was originally slated to be a bad guy, somehow convinced me that he needed to be on the side of the angels. Thanks, Bud! I have to go back and rewrite anything that has him in it, making sure the story line stays real. You can write a whole novel on characters who con their authors into changing the story line to suit them.

  6. ottabelle says:

    Don’t force your words in. You almost let yourself say it; the novel knows what it wants to say. Let it!

  7. I say be true to yourself and the rest is history. Always aim to please God. I am the best writer, I can be. Why because I express ME…. If its meant for an audience to connect, then they will. The way I view it is. Not everyone will like what I will have to say or write for whatever reasons. But thats what makes us so unique and different. If we all liked the same and wrote the same; the world would be predictable and boring. Thanks for visiting my blog, may I add you to my blogroll? I enjoy reading and getting to know you. Because truth be told God, only made one of you! Visit again. Blessings


  8. spider42 says:

    I know exactly what you mean! Be it my literary endeavours, comic scripts or even my blog – there are times I want to just toss my computer or pen/pad out the window and scream and others where I’m completely at ease and everything in between.
    As a writer, so long as you are honest with yourself and of the right mindset, there is no critic harsher than yourself.
    I find though that the hardest part is always the start – that first few lines or passages – but once you get past that, if you let your mind flow and stop trying to force it somehow it comes through. Sometimes you need to slow and step back and rework, but mostly I tend to go with stream-of-consciousness writing and more often then not it really works in bringing whats on your mind out, unencumbered by conscious thought and editorial – editorial that you can do AFTER its on paper which makes it easier.
    All the best with your novella!

  9. LaMonique says:

    Definitely revise, but always let an objective third party edit your work. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you are personally slicing your baby! I’ve been on both sides of it. Congrats on finishing your novella and best of luck in the publishing process!

  10. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You love to write, remember?


  11. matheikal says:

    Great writers have rewritten their works a number of times. So, all the best to you!

  12. Harnew says:

    I’m very active in the WordPress. Being such, I’ve seen you under “likes” a lot on posts-as a matter of fact, I saw you under 3 just today and that’s excluding mines-but never saw a comment you left. And I’ve deduced that a person who clicks “like” all the time hasn’t likely (pun intended) read the post itself, and doing it to bring traffic back to their blog. Well, I’m here! But only here to leave this one time comment.

  13. Boyd says:

    Your post pretty well sums it up!

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