RIP Amy Winehouse… loss of such a great talent

When my little sister broke the news that Amy Winehouse was dead I could not believe it. We literally had to check several websites and the news on tv for the information to sink in. She was so young, so talented and dare I say it, seemed invincible (well to me anyway).

Over the last couple of days a lot of people have commented on her passing; some condemning her drug habits and life style, others paying homage to a great artists who had simply been led astray by the the dazzle and stress of fame, whatever your opinion the undisputed fact is that her loss has been a terrible loss of a great talent.

Lately there have been quite a few deaths of young people across my network of friends. They have not been people I have known directly but friends of friends etc. My girls and I were discussing the loss of Amy Winehouse and these other people and were all struck by the harsh reality that life really is short. There really is no time for being upset, holding grudges, being grumpy and lazy, because tomorrow really is not guaranteed for anyone. The senseless killing of the youths in the Norway massacre further brings this point home.

Each and every second is precious and nobody knows how events may take an unexpected turns. All we have to do is think back to the plumper Amy and then her spiral into drugs and it is evident that if we do not take control of our lives and guard what we allow to become addictions, we will be consumed. Similarly we have to cherish every single moment with our loved ones, and even people we do not love just so that we can enjoy life. There are crazy people out there like the killer in Norway who are hell bent on bringing destruction to other people’s lives.

We are so blessed to be alive today and it should not be taken for granted.

RIP Amy.



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