Women’s spending fluctuates across the menstrual cycle

The heading above was a Yahoo news post and I literally love the yahoo editors for this. I had always explained my weird shopping habits as being connected to hormones and the moon and was always laughed out of house. However Professor Karen Pine of the University of Hertfordshire has gathered research suggesting that “hormonal fluctuations affect a range of cognitive and emotional responses in women”. So what I take this to mean is that women’s changes in hormones do actually affect the way she thinks and feels (it is not all in our heads men!)(For full article see: http://uk.health.lifestyle.yahoo.net/menstruation-and-spending.htm)

I do however understand the need for self control but guys and gals here it is for you in black and white, somethings are just harder for women to control. There are times when I get the most strangest urges ever to eat dry crackers all day and sip ginger beer, or to buy make up that is the wrong shade for me and insist on wearing it and having looked back a day or so later, wondered what I was thinking…

People often dismiss a women’s emotions and expect us to ‘get a grip’. What happened to the days when a lady who swooned was a real lady? Nowadays men expect women to be as toughened and hardcore as them at all times, to say that you are craving anything is seen as a sign of weakness – bad weakness. This needs to change.

So the next time you are having major urges ladies understand that it is part of the package. I pray you can resist but when you cannot do not be too hard on yourself.


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