Share your individuality, your thoughts, your gift.

” I’m not going to believe that only a few people are permitted to be gatekeepers or creators or generous leaders. I have no intention of apologizing for believing in people, for insisting that we all use this moment and these assets to create some art and improve the world around us. To do anything less than that is a crime.” – ‘Accepting False Limits’, Seth Godin.

I remember when I first started my English degree and was told that each point I make should be in response to the text at hand, or a response to a published scholar’s opinion of the work. This really ground my gears because I thought it kept me boxed in and limited what I could do in the essay. Retrospect is an amazing thing because now looking back I understand that this would be one of the greatest things I would ever learn. Being taught how to respond opened up my thinking! It is only by having to think about why another person makes a point that we are forced to evaluate our own opinions, and think about things we once never would.

Seth Godin talks about how important it is not to let the gatekeepers be the only ones who contribute to the world, to art, to creativity, this is so true! Instead of being intimidated by the leaders in our field, we should be inspired by them. Imagine Obama, Mandela, Shakespeare or Chaucer were not bold enough to follow through in what they believed and refused to express themselves?

Same with you! Do not commit a crime against humanity by refusing to share your individuality, your thoughts, your gift.



About Plantain Periodicals

Hello! Welcome to the Plantain Periodicals blogs. The name stems from the kitchen moments I had with my friends at university cooking plantain and planning our lives together. I have used this space as a window into my mind and the way I make sense of all my experiences through writing.This is where I share those conversations and moments that happen inside my head as a young woman growing up in 21st century London. Hopefully you'll be entertained and also learn a thing or two. My main blog ad: My literature blog: NMx
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