Tunday ‘Soldier’ ft G – kid

Mood – o meter: listen to when you know you have a long day

The one thing I love about this track is that it is simple and to the point. Many people have got caught up in endless arguments, speaking in tongues sessions and fasts against certain things that to be frank do not need so much activity for them. “God I have a cold, let the enemy be bound this minute?!”. I mean come on, really!
This track addresses the fact that as Christians yes there is a war going on, and we all know (or at least should know) that it is not against flesh and blood but means way beyond. However we also should know that the end of the story has already been spelled out – we have one! Tunday summarizes it in nicely in the words: “I’m on the winning side so devil back down coz I dun told ya”. The reason I love these words is because Tunday acknowledges that yes there is a devil who is trying to cause havoc, but at the same time we have power over him through Jesus.

Don’t waste time focusing on evil, instead make sure that you are all set to be part of the winning team in this battle we call life.

Mood – o meter: listen to when you know you have a long day



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