Chuka Royalty ‘Go Hard’

Mood – o – meter: listen to this song when you feel like giving up

This song is one of those tunes that you wake up to in the morning and it shakes you up! Literally this song puts me in the right mindset for the day. I mean its lively, the beat is pulsing and best of all – it is contagious. You cannot listen to it and sit still. Chuka’s delivery is perfect and because he is so impassioned by what he says – you have to listen! Aside from how good the beat and delivery is the reason I love this track is because the message is so on point. It perfectly summarises what the Christian walk is about.

Using the slang term ‘go hard’ to mean working hard and pushing yourself to that next level Chuka Royalty’s song talks about how the christian walk is a lot of work. Instead of leaving his listeners disgruntled he drives home the most important point that the walk is not suppossed to be made alone. Instead he puts it perfectly by stating that:

” Certified Christians with Christ in our systems we GO HARD to make the whole listen, tell them the reason why we GO HARD ambassadors for Christ so we will go far”.

These words wake me from my stupor daily because they remind me of the fact that it is only because of the power given to me by inviting Jesus into my life that I can work and live to be all who God has destined me to be. The christian walk is not about glorifying self and condemning others who may be struggling with things that we are not. Instead it is a journey, a constant learning curve whereby people experience Jesus through us.

Mood – o – meter: listen to this song when you feel like giving up

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